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Sean Paul Jamming in Colombia

Kingston, Jamaica;The hangar could barely contain the thousands in attendance, and it certainly could not contain the vibe as Sean Paul closed the sixth staging of the Jamming Festival in Bogota, Colombia on June 5, 2016.

The festival featured an eclectic mix of musicians from all over the world, but reggae comprised a big portion of the presentation. The genre was represented by dancehall group T.O.K., Ivory Coast reggae singer, Alpha Blondy, and US- based reggae/hip-hop duo Born Jamericans.

After hours of music and scintillating performances, the massive crowd in the hanger waited anxiously for the appearance of the Jamaican-born, multi-platinum selling, Grammy-winning dancehall superstar, Sean Paul. And he did not disappoint.

Sean Paul’s band, Badda Banz, unleashed a sonic bomb in the enclosed venue before his super hot dancers, known as Badda Galz, exploded onto the stage. The audiovisual elements flooded the hangar heightening the sensory experience of the patrons. Just when the intense mix of sounds and scenes was at its highest, Sean Paul appeared on an elevated platform centre-stage.

It is clear that the band, the dancers and Sean Paul are in sync. At a fervent pace, the deejay dropped recent hit tracks like Trumpets with Sak Noel & Salvi and Cheap Thrills with Sia.

Foundation fans squealed as Sean spat out Get Busy, Gimmi Di Light and Like Glue . The mainstream hits Temperature and We Be Burnin’ captured the same frenzied response as Give It Up to Me, So Fine, She Doesn’t Mind and Got to Luv U along with countless more during his hour plus long set.

The pace was as unrelenting as the audience. When the confetti exploded, and the lights came up, everyone was all smiles, including Sean Paul, who expressed his delight in having the opportunity to perform for his fans in Colombia.

“I love giving all my energy and feeling the crowd give their energy back,” noted Sean after the show. “It was fun to introduce the audience to new songs, and new dance moves fresh from Jamaica too,” he added.

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