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Sean Paul explains ‘dancehall appropriation’ comment

Kingston, Jamaica: International dancehall superstar Sean Paul set the record straight in a recently posted five-part Instagram video after reactions to his interview in Britain’s The Guardian hit the internet.

Specifically responding to Jamaican-born YouTube blogger DJ Akademiks, Sean Paul— in the first of the Instagram videos— said the blogger referred to him for the first time on his vlog after the publication of the piece on September 5, 2016.

“I see you mention Popcaan already due to the affiliation with Sir Drake, hear you mention Beenie Man and Vegas due to the same type of thing. I never hear yuh big up me yet. And other Jamaicans yuh big up Gage and Busy Signal,” said the 20-year dancehall veteran.

“So as a Jamaican, born and grow inna Spanish Town, me a big you up fi dat,” he said, while urging DJ Akademiks to talk more about dancehall on his widely watched entertainment vlog.

He went on to say in the videos, that it is not the first time that dancehall has influenced international music hits. “Back in the 90s Ace of Base did some songs that went number one, that to me was dancehall oriented… What I was asked in the interview, my response — there was a little piece left off — I said to some people, it is a sore point. I remember back in the day, when Ace of Base was doing dem ting, it was a sore point to me… that none of us was there; Shabba Ranks and Super Cat was huge artiste to me, and none of them was reflected in that type of song… But I was also proud because it was dancehall music,” the Grammy winner explained.

“My point to them [The Guardian] was, if people are doing these songs and sampling us and thing and we’re not being credited; that’s not a cool thing. But at the same point in time, if those artistes see gold in what we do as Jamaican musicians, more power to we. If those artistes that are being sampled as Jamaicans and appearing in the songs and they’re not getting any credit that you [the general public] see, maybe they’re getting things that we don’t know of, so more power to them. Me nuh mind that. None of this really came out in the interview. So mi just wan’ say to everybody calm down, big up unnu self. I am a dancehall artiste that has nothing else to prove,” Sean Paul said.

Fans can view the videos on Sean Paul’s Instagram page @duttypaul and visit his website www.allseanpaul.com for updates on news, shows and more.

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