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Sean Paul blazes the ballroom at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

Salisa Wong(R) was more than ready to take a selfie with Sean Paul and her friends Simone Bromfield and Tameka Hall at the meet and greet session after Sean Paul’s performance at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande on Saturday, April 01.

Sean Paul had a complete tour stage setup, his very own Baddabanz Band, Baddagyalz Dancers and tour DJ Coppershaun on the turntables, all of which added to an exhilarating performance at Moon Palace Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios, last Saturday, April 01, 2017 Moon Palace saw a full house inside their ballroom, with Jamaicans and visitors alike singing along to classics and new hits from Grammy Award winning artiste Sean Paul.

“That game was a good warm up fi shell the show later” Sean Paul said with adrenaline pumping after a match of tennis with #1 female player Serena Williams.

The warm-up was certainly needed as Sean Paul and his crew undeniably maintained a high-energy performance for almost two hours, crooning hits after hit. With energy that could break a seismograph, Sean Paul had the room chanting as he introduced Cheap Thrills. Revisiting classics like the 2009 hit I’m Still in Love with you Boy, it was clear that the two dancers enjoy performing as they danced their way across the stage, interacting with Sean Paul and the raving crowd.

When Sean Paul introduced Deport Dem, all phones seemed to go live, giving the ballroom another element of light as the guests captured the performance in which Sean Paul’s jovial personality came out through his song transitions when he spoke to the room and even opted to freestyle to the ladies. Though he introduced this track by asking permission to share with them a new song; the ballroom erupted into a choir as ladies sang and gyrated to Tek Weh Yuh Heart.

Maintaining that high, Baddabanz played the intro for Like Glue and there was no doubt that most, if not all, in the ballroom knew the 2002 hook. Fast forwarding to his recent No Lie single, Sean Paul was not shy to show off his slick waist movement as he took centre stage and was soon joined by one, and then both dancers who tested and proved his stamina on stage.

Sania Kaoud, a Canadian guest at the hotel took her mother and sister to the concert and the ladies were more than pleased by the musical offerings. “I always loved his music but the way he showed us who Sean Paul is and all that personality he brought on stage was very fun and enlightening to watch”, offered Kaoud. “He spoke to us like we all really were his friends and I didn’t feel dirty sitting beside my mom and watching him whine. I loved his energy and those girls were really good too”, she continued referring to the Baddagyalz dancers.

Senior Director of Public Relations for Palace Resorts Cessie Cerrato posited “we’ve hosted a number artistes but Sean Paul has been my favourite so far, his energy alone was just unbelievable”.

When the dancers brought out their very own props in the form of trumpets for Sean Paul’s Trumpets collaboration with SakNoel & Salvi, the performance was at its peak and ended on a high with Temperature (2005) when the artiste and his dancers had the ballroom doing the iconic Willie Bounce dance.

The multi-platinum recently released a video for his Tek Weh Yuh Heart single which features Tory Lanez, who is on this year’s Reggae Sumfest lineup for the festival’s special 25 staging.

Sean Paul will be touring for all of April 2017 with stops in Moscow, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, UK and the United States. Fans anticipate a new album soon and can sooner look toward a new single from Sean Paul. Called Body, the song is produced by Jamaican producer Doncorleonie, also featuring Migos.

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